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A Brief History of Summer Villages:

Summer Villages are an institution in Alberta nearly as old as the province itself. They traditionally evolved from cottage summer resort areas where seasonal residents wanted a role in local government or were dissatisfied with the level of service and taxation provided by their rural municipality. There are now five Summer Villages on Sylvan Lake- Birchcliff (1972), Half Moon Bay (1978), Jarvis Bay (1986), Norglenwold (1965) and Sunbreaker Cove (1991) all sharing an administration office in Sylvan Lake. Your Summer Village maintains by-laws to protect the watershed, water quality, bank and shoreline, flora and fauna of the natural setting in which we live. Lake access for back lot residents is via road allowances and environmental open spaces which are to be left in their natural state.


Due to a possible Canada Post work stoppage, any payments made by mail may be compromised. As you remain responsible for paying your bills on time, and to avoid late fees, you can pay your bill at the office with debit or credit cards. Taxes are due no later than July 31, 2016.

ROAD BANS ARE NOW IN EFFECT. Please refer to the individual Summer Village page for more information.


TAX INSTALLMENT PLAN NOW AVAILABLE. Please check your Summer Village page for additional information.

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